At the Wolfs Den go and talk to Eli. Clear the gate and then enter the bunker. Location: The second perk magazine is to the west of Cedar Lake. Due south of the F.A.N.G Centre you'll discover the Elliot Residence. It is time we cut the chaff from the wheat, to cull the herd, once and for all. For this, you have to go near the lake to find the Salvage Camp. How to find every Mars, Vietnam and Zombie Comic Book in Far Cry 5. Before entering there are a cultist and an animal on the back. a lot of money, materials and 3 perk books (each one of them gives you 1 perk point). For this mission, start by going towards MCA Mobile Lab. The note is found outside the tent beside the trailer. Go from the back of the house, there is a path that will lead you to some blood trails, that will lead you to a cave. Far Cry 5 Tenth Lighter Far Cry 5: In the Middle of Nowhere - Whitetail Mountains This is another bunker that isn't too close to a major landmark. One the left of the door you will find the note. These perk points can be used to obtain ability points which will help you unlock different skills and help you progress in the game. Far Cry New Dawn. Once you are there, under the chair you will find the eight magazine. Go to the back of the large house and get to the place from screenshot 1. Location: North West of Langford Lake, on the left from the road you will come across dirt road that leads to a house that has car and some furniture outside. Location: Your 13th Perk Magazine is at the west of Moccasin River and south west of Cedar Lake. You have to keep fighting unless all are gone. Keep swimming till you reach a bunker door on your top. Knew you'd come after me. The lockbox is on the backside of the crashed car below. Location: Found in Whitetail Mountains in McNeill Residence. 13:55 - 3 on foot, well armed, escorting prisoners, heading North. Go to the Whitetail Park Visitor Center and go up the stairs. This completes the mission. Two are near the high wall, one up on the balcony and another one at the higher level. Found during the mission "Casualties of War". Go to the Whitetail Park Visitor Center and go up the stairs. Location: Found in Whitetail Mountains in Fort Drubman. A massacre happend here shortly before The Security Captain arrived. You have to slide down in the place presented in the picture 1. If you want a friend in high places. There will be two more enemies at the side behind the fence. fly there in a helicopter if you don't want to lose too much time. For your next lighter, head down a way from Rae-Raes Pumpkin Farm. There is a holdout point, the note is on the left side near the sacks on cabinets. Finally, when you are on top you have to shoot down a few enemies. For the next waypoint, go further up, follow the blood trails. Smiley's Lighter . Take the key. Its another bunker, and its probably guarded. Take down enemies quietly. Get out of the room and continue forward. Find the bunker: The bunker entrance is in the shelter at the back of the house. In total, there are 12 lighter locations in Far Cry 5. The note is found on a table just before the trailer. Get into the hangar and hit the red switch to open the door. Following that, a cut scene will mark the end of the mission as you make your way out. The note is found on the table on the middle of the room. Head west. Watch out for the sniper on top of the tower. Swim up and return to the camp. The third Holland Valley lighter can be found at the Miller Residence, inside yet another bunker. One of the hostages will tell you the location of the Cook. This completes the mission and you will be back at Wolfs Den. You can contact him by email if you need to know exactly how to leave his lawn. But I'm hoping you'll wise up before then. Go in the house and down below in the kitchen you will find the key card that will be used to unlock the door in the bunker. While he is kept to a strict diet of berries and fish, from time to time we'll sneak him his favorite snack: cheeseburgers. Each one of these mission will add up your resistance point that you will need to reach Jacob Seed. He lives south east of Falls End. This stash can be found in a bunker on the island to the west of the railway bridge connecting the Whitetail Mountains to the Henbane River. Look for a lake, at the lake near a tent you will find the magazine. Find a Prepper's Note box from which you can get the information about treasure' location. At Rae-Rae's Pumpkin Farm, there's a hidden bunker. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If the injuries are relatively minor then treat with an antiseptic and continue to step 2. The note is near the tent. Every outpost in Far Cry 5 has silver bars hidden somewhere. Once you have control, pick the weapon up from the table and kill the two enemies seated across. We and our partners use data for Personalised ads and content, ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. The stash in the right room, watch out for a snake. Location: Found in Whitetail Mountains in Fort Drubman. Get begin this mission, get to the Wolfs Den, and locate Eli there. Helicopter A1 "Archangel" Follow the Moccasin River to Silver Lake, Helicopter B5 "Messenger" Patrol the main road, escort any prisoner trucks, Helicopter D2 "Holy Sword" Escort any Bliss shipments coming up from the south, Report any contact with Whitetail Militia immediately. Center). In this Far Cry 5 Whitetail Mountains Walkthrough Guide we will cover Far Cry 5's Whitetail Mountains region. Go to the top floor of the warehouse. Look for a lake, at the lake near a tent you will find the magazine. Reach Fort Drubman that can be located on the North side of this region on the map. Far Cry 4. Location: Found in Whitetail Mountains in Grand View Hotel. Location: The third magazine is located just next to Cedar Lake. As you land near the gate you will face heavy attack from the cultist. Youraim is to activate the dredge so that you can swim in through the hole. The first one to destroy is on the right as you come out. Take cover first, and slowly you have to kill down the enemies first. Once again you need to head down into the bunker to grab the lighter off the shelf. We were attacked last night by something. Due East of Hope County Jail you'll find the Abercrombie Residence. This will complete this mission. Northwest of the Hope County Jail, South of Angel's Peak and to the East of Moonflower Trailer's Park, you'll discover a bunker at Counselor's Cabin. Reach the small island in the south part of this region (see the picture). Interact with the control lever to turn on the dredge. Jacob needs us to capture as many live wolves as possible. You will find a new weapon on the table that you can use forward in the next area. Not sure what attacked us. Head to the McClean Residence, which can be found just after you cross the bridge from Dutch's Island to Faith's Region. This is one of the prepper stashes in Whitetail Mountains. There will be three of them around. Talk to Hurk who will ask for your help to retrieve his campaign vehicle that the cultists have taken. Defeat all the enemies and proceed to rescuing the hostages. Springs. Kill the enemies inside, and unlock pressure doors. Look for a table with an electric stove on it. You find a backpack, use the grapple to go up. To view the purposes they believe they have legitimate interest for, or to object to this data processing use the vendor list link below. Go near the waterfall, and you will see a rock to climb on your right. Unlock the door and access the reward. Once you liberate the camp and rescue all hostages, head ahead to a new location marked as a waypoint. I mean, who would come after a bunch of conservationists? Objects of Interest. Location: Found in Whitetail Mountains in Grand View Hotel. In the end, you will reach the Lookout Point. Once you got the key return to the house. Due to this setback, the Whitetail Militia has resorted to training any volunteers willing to take up arms against the Project. You will reach a house in the mountain with a locked door. Find the box with a Prepper's Note. Center. M. Hrziwnatzki - Failed after the first trial. On one of the wooden piles you will find your 16th magazine. Once you are done, talk to Wade who will tell you about a bear called Cheeseburger. These 2 notes are separate but have the same content. You need to get inside and take the map on the table next to a comic book. Whitetail Mountain is controlled by Jacob Seed, he is a maniac who is using some kind of music to turn people into monsters. The note is near a telephone and a radio. Climb up and out of the water to collect your rewards - but be careful of the snake thats trapped itself down here as well. Pick up his magnetic card (the picture 2), go back to the cabin and open it. He will ask you to rescue one of the whitetails that Jacob has captured. Head there, find the bunker, take the lighter from the back room. If they are too young or too old then they must be destroyed. Required fields are marked *, document.getElementById("ak_js_1").setAttribute("value",(new Date()).getTime()). Godammit, I'm a scientist, I'm not cut out for this. After the cut scene, you wake up in a room and have to get out before the time runs out. Next, go right and once again use the grapple to swing on the other side. After completing the mission Radio Silence, find Tammy at Wolfs Den to start this mission. While we have always called the Whitetail Mountains our home, recent events have made it impossible to guarantee the safety of the children in our care. This mission will begin with a cut scene where you wake up in a cage and Joseph Seed is talking to you. Location: The sixth magazine is on the east of Cedar Lake, on top of a hill, inside a cave where you will find a couple dancing. The bunker is also accessible. The bunker entrance is in the shelter at the back of the house. Reach Frank's Cabin located in the south-west corner of Whitetail Mountains. After these encounters, you will be able to complete the final mission for the area. You can now open the green crate on the crashed van's back. She will tell you about destroying jammers on radio towers. Examine the area west from Wolf's Den to start this treasure hunting mission. Sarah Perkins will tell you to visit Breakthrough Camp to study the judges. Look for the control room, where you will talk to Eli for the first time and the note is found near one of the security TVs. I've gathered all the gear we stripped off the prisoners and put it in the trailer office for safe keeping. This will open up the gate. Cult members will then swarm and attack your position; you can add the support of Cheeseburger to attack the enemies. The note is placed on a wooden pedestal in front of Joseph's picture. Pratt will also tell you that the only way out of here is with a truck that can be used for the escape. You now have to climb even higher. Get to the area where they are looking at and the note is found on one of the wooden shelves to the right. Now theyre all spread across Hope County, and finding each one will give you a little backstory on the person who owned it, and how they stood up to the Edens Gate cult. Head inside to find the loot. The more enemies you take down now will help for the fight later on, but keep it quiet. The lighter is waiting for you inside. After reading the note you have to find the bunker. You can get there by foot. At the backside of camp, you will have to kill a few more of them and wait for Sarah. All 12 Vietnam Lighters. Go through the house, at the end of the corridor is another window. In this case, collecting perk magazine gives you one perk point. K. Kotevich - Completed all the trials successfully, but was unable to complete the final sacrifice and had to be terminated. Location: Just south east of your 16th perk magazine is your 17th perk magazine, down the cliff on a tree lookout using your grapple rope to get to it. Allies Get a grappling hook, it cost 1 point and through this, you can easily climb on radio towers, bridges, mountains, etc. Once you reach to look for the broken door on the west side, avoid coming into enemies contact. Simply, open the hatch and grab the lighter from the chair. 2) Age Select only fully grown wolves (2 years or older). Once again you have to fight with a few cultists in the area. Whitetail Park Visitor Center is your next stop, and youll also be passing this way during a main storyline mission. Its another bunker, and the lighter is on a shelf next to the bed. You have to ambush the truck, for this either you can plant explosives in the path of the truck or you can use guns for hire to destroy the vehicles. The bunker is also accessible. Then return to the center and access the ramp. Go down, and cross the waterfall. Go to the mill, where you will have to kill all enemies and liberate the area. a lot of money, 3 perk books (each one of them gives you 1 perk point) and ammo. You will find your 14th magazine on a bench there. 3) Wheel them into one of the prepared rooms. Head to the next beacon, and you will see a weapons crate for ammo. The bunker hatch is in a small area shown in the screenshot. In the quest you need to be in stealth mode at all times and rescue four hostages. After destroying all the beacons you will be back to the real world to face Jacob. Get the case from the bed. Jump into Silver Lake, swim to the place pointed by the game and dive. This is one of the prepper stashes available in Whitetail Mountains. 2023 GAMESPOT, A FANDOM COMPANY. No one is ready. Look for a crashed car and near the dead body, you will get the note. If the wolf shows no aggressive traits then they should be destroyed. Reach the corpse that lies next to the crashed car near Ozhigwan Falls. The waypoint will give you first bomb I.E.D location on the second floor located on the east of building. If youd rather earn your rewards the hard way, heres where you need to look. Shoot the lock to get inside. Tammy will send you its location. As you open the door there will be a cut scene. Its close to Widows Creek. Status It's been two days and still no sign of Howie. The Howard Cabin ist still standing after the Collapse. Look on the east side of Baron Lumber Mill in the region and find Sarah Perkins to talk to her. Our Father, my brother, has seen the end of the world, and we're not ready. In order to unlock the treasure hunting mission, you must reach the Elliot Residence from the picture above. Center. Moving forward, you will get the option to pick up a rifle. Check out our Prepper Stash guides. When the mission starts with a cut scene, you will find yourself in his trap. The Whitetail Mountains is the Northern region of Hope County, and the cultists here answer to Jacob Seed. A marker will indicate the one that has stolen the supplies. Followed by two of those "Judge" beasts of theirs. From the door go outside, and take down the peggie. I can't believe it! This area is used as a means of training the army with hunters and judges. You have to go straight and then turn right; another enemy will be to the right. The bunker door requires a key. When you reach this location, there will be a few enemies to take down. 4) Give them their first dose, see chart for exact amounts depending on weight. Going beyond that, there's a bunch of junk, and a rickety wooden fence. After a few bangs and clangs, it will finally give way and you can access the tunnels below. going through this route will bring you to the bottom of the stairs of Visitors Center. Find Salvage Camp on the shore and locate the box with a Prepper's Note. There you can climb up. Location: Found in Whitetail Mountains in Old Sun Outfitters. Take out the enemies without alerting anyone else and rescue the hostages. Get inside through the window. We spend so much effort to lift them up that instead they are dragging us down. Once again, the lighter is inside a bunker on the property youll find it in the back room. Instead, he has become one of the most beloved residents of the Center. Hope County Cougars (Henbane River)Fall's End Resistance (Holland Valley), Tammy Barnes (Interrogator)Wheaty (Radio Host)The Junior Deputy (player determined)Staci Pratt (player determined). Frank's Key Card can be found right next to Frank's corpse. Whitetails gotta watch each others backs. The room will continue for longer this time and you have to continue killing enemies that are all around the area. Inside, you will find a lot of money and 3 perk books (each one gives you 1 perk point). Boomer is an asset here, as he can track and locate . When you wake up, you find yourself once again in the cage with Jacob around with the music box. Go back to the cabin and use the card to get inside. You will exit the den and see a dark red world. Your second lighter in Whitetail Mountains can be found close to Cedar Lake. You will have to locate a house on top of the mountain, the stash is inside but the door is locked. The note is located between two laptops. Frank was killed by a grizzly bear. Go inside the mini convenience store and the note is found near the green door. Go to the tunnel and kill the few enemies towards the entrance of the tunnel. Go down towards a locked door with Sacrifice written over it. Mars. Sorry, Eli, but I have to think about what's best for my family. There is in a box front of the house at Elliot Residence south of F.A.N.G. Inside, you can find, e.g. Active (Far Cry 5) He was an orphan, his mother shot by poachers and left for dead. You can now cheat a little, and buy a map from the store that marks the location of each lighter. The only way to get inside is to reach the open hatch on the hangar's rooftop. 9:45 Helicopter patrol shot at Whitetail boats on the lake. Destroy the boarded planks on one of the windows at the back of the house and enter inside. Once you play it, a lot of enemies will swarm in waves due to the loud sound, you have to fight them off. Prefer your collectibles with a bit more moolah? and D.O.A. Location: Found in Whitetail Mountains in Elk Jaw Lodge. Look for a huge warehouse with a message that says "RESIST" in blue paint. Finally a helicopter will chase you, shoot it down with a rocket launcher before it destroys your vehicle. To get to Jacob Seed you need to get 13000 resistance points. If the wounds are severe or could cause infection then the animal must be destroyed. Now that you have all 12 lighters, you have the code needed to open Wendells secret cache. I'm pretty sure he's just paranoid like all the other folks in this park. As well as the lighter in this bloody scene, youll also get The Holdouts prepper stash here, and one of the games collectable comic books. Far Cry 5 Maps. Hedonism at its best. Located in the Whitetail Mountains region of Hope County in Far Cry 5, the Wolf's Den is the headquarters of the resident regional militia, the Whitetails . This is one of the prepper stashes in Whitetail Mountains. Swim through the sunken hall ahead of you, turning left and coming up out of the water in the dredges central hold. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features NFL Sunday Ticket Press Copyright . This is one of the prepper stashes available in Whitetail Mountains. In this part, you can play as you want, follow both the waypoints one by one. To begin the mission, talk to Hurk Jr. who will assist you in the mission and take you to the location in his car. After reading it, you . Destroy the padlock (use any weapon), go inside the bunker and use the kitchen card to open the door to the treasure room. The treasure contains, e.g. Once you complete the course, Pratt will let you out of the cage, followed by a cut scene. Location: Found in Whitetail Mountains in PIN-K0 Radio Station. He will send you to the Visitors Center for this mission. Reach the peak and destroy the jammer that is on top of a radio tower by shooting at it. This will trigger peggies to appear outside to fight you. Read the note, then look for the lighter on the table inside. Go to this new location where you will see the cook and enemies surrounding the area. Location: West of Moccasin River and South west of Cedar Lake at the extreme left end of the map you will find a base camp. This guide follows after our Henbane River walkthrough, liberating the region and defeating Faith. Open the house door for the stash. You can get into the sunken boat through an open window in the south side of the hull. Once the cut scene is over, you end up in the same room as the previous mission and have to repeat the killing before the timer runs out. AndreasV you absolute legend. Cultists may have appeared on the farm, although fighting them is optional. Resistance Movement/Civilian Militia/Paramilitary Group Go to the top floor of the warehouse. Your objective is to find Frank. Eli Palmer (Leader)Tammy Barnes (Interrogator)Wheaty (Radio Host)The Junior Deputy (player determined)Staci Pratt (player determined) Swim down for the key, reach the third light. Location: On the west of Moccasin River theres a small lake with a small island. Once again, having added up enough resistance points, Jacob will radio call and have you hunted again. When a new prospect is brought in follow these procedures: 1) Remove any jewelry, including watches, rings, and necklaces. For us, teaching the next generation our ways and the ways of the forest was our passion, but due to circumstances beyond our control we simply can't continue to put these children at risk. I tried to get it loose, but every time I touch the controls it just digs a deeper hole. Also, get off his lawn. This region is mainly used for training of the cult . Go to the back of the petrol pump climb up on the roof and you will find your 9th magazine. 6) Check in every 2-3 hours to see if they need an additional dose. This location is adjacent to, among others, the Grill Streak, where orders are received from Chad. Location: Found in Whitetail Mountains in Baron Lumber Mill. On the first floor, find the front desk. Far Cry Primal. Look for the garage and a workbench. Far Cry 3. We regret to inform you that Old Sun Outfitters will be closed for the foreseeable future. I'm sure it's from a cave I've seen on the nearby cliffs. Check the shelf where you can see a yellow medkit and grab the collectible. This is just behind the journal entry note you found on the outer table. On this page we have published information about the cult properties, cult outposts and prepper stashes which are located in the Whitetail Mountains region inFar Cry 5. taylor swift 1989 vinyl deluxe,